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 Manifest 2022 Program

Increasing Your Capacity For Success in 2022


If you’re here, it’s because you want more. No…it’s because you NEED more out of life

I have a personal question for you:  Do you every January, sit down to write your goals for the new year and every year you notice there is one goal that just keep coming back year after year?  And you tell yourself, “This year...this is going to be the year that I finally get....

I used to do the SAME thing and it was incredibly frustrating to see it show up with no proof that it’ll actually happen… AGAIN.


Why is it that some things we can manifest instantly and others we resist attracting over and over?


How can you strive for one goal year after year and still revert back to old habits?

Eventually, you develop resentment and feel ZERO motivation to move forward at all.

I’m here to tell you that the stubborn goals that you feel like you can’t achieve, actually have nothing to do with whether you CAN or CANNOT achieve them. You self-sabotaging is NOT a sign from God to give up or that He doesn't want to bless you.

All of this has to do with the story you keep telling yourself year after year.

Somewhere down the line you were exposed to something that created doubt and unbelief in your mind. This belief was then deeply ingrained in your soul, causing you to self-sabotage every time you tried to change course in your life.

If you don’t work on changing the doubt and unbelief, your soul will always pull you towards what makes it feel the most familiar, even if it’s not in your greatest good.

This is the point where your True Self, that version of you that has everything you've ever wanted and looks after you to make sure you achieve it all in 3D, steps in.


To achieve ANY goal, no matter how out of this world it may feel, you must:

  • Get clear on exactly what you want

  • Let go of any doubt and unbelief that may stand in your way

  • Start your living your life AS IF it has already happened


I had to CHOOSE to let go of the disempowering beliefs that were holding me back year after year. I had to RENEW my mind and my way of thinking to finally kick those sabotaging beliefs to the curb.


So, tell me, are you ready to let go of your doubt and unbelief and manifest your BIGGEST goals this year?

If yes, join me for the Manifest 2022 Program. We’re going to completely break down the process I shared with you today and create a plan to help you manifest your dreams.

I share this method with you not just because it works. I share it because I am not special. I am an ordinary girl who literally just DID THE WORK and figured it out. I want to give you the same opportunity and provide you with the exact tools I used because I want to see you succeed.

This highly interactive program will help you manifest your heart's desire in a purposeful way as we

  • Clarify your direction, goals, vision, purpose, and your legacy!  

  • Actualize your highest potential & Craft new possibilities for yourself!  

  • Move forward with embracing your Best Self!  

  • Repair faulty mindsets & Transform the blueprint of your mind!  

  • Redefine your life through God’s grace and Ignite Healing!  

  • Create a multi-dynamic vision that energizes your mind, heart, & soul daily!


By mastering your mindset and abandoning the self-sabotage that’s holding you back, you can completely change your life.

That’s why I created the Manifest 2022 program. In order to help women just like you understand what’s possible for you and attract the things your heart truly desires.

(Hint, Hint):

Raise your credit score

Purchase a vehicle


Make generous donations 

Start/Grow your business

Write a book

Lose Weight

Grow Spiritually

Improve Your Relationships
Launch new products
Buy a house
Leave your 9 to 5
Build your financial portfolio
Raise your financial ceiling
Live a life of purpose, & significance


 Class begins on May 8, 2022 

Manifest 2022 is for you if…
  • You are a career woman, ministry leader, coach, an expert, a speaker or services-based business owner

  • You are ready to create a crystal clear vision for what you want your life to look like 

  • You are ready to identify the “gaps” between your current life and your desired reality, so you can understand what you need to do to take your life from where it is now to where you want to be

  • You are ready to choose key goals for the year ahead and get clear on the steps you’ll have to take to achieve those goals

  • You are ready discover an empowering masterplan for the next 12 months that will make it easier for you to experience more joy and fulfillment in everything you do while making huge progress toward creating your ideal life!

  • You desire to make more money and have a greater impact

  • You’re ready to take back control of your time and create more freedom in your life

  • You’re ready to see fast results 

  • You desire to work smarter not harder

What’s Included?

6 Live Webinars Taught by Dr Amy

  • Each webinar consists of 60-90 minutes of content along with Q & A.


3 Live Productivity Session with Dr Amy

1 Private Coaching Call with Dr Amy

  • (1) 30-Minute Coaching Call.

1 Prayer Call with Dr Amy

Power of Vision E-book

Bonus Guest Expert 

Course Materials

  • Your bi-weekly program materials – PDFs and worksheets – will be emailed before the session so you can have access to the materials during the call.

Pay In Full $997
Yes, I want in
Need a payment plan?  No problem.
Flex Pay -

4 installments of $275

What people are saying about Dr Amy, Her Coaching & Her Work!

"Dr. Amy is amazing. After working with her I received a $10,000 increase on my check and it blew my mind." 


~ C. Pearson

The Investment

Pay In Full $997
Yes, I want in
Need a payment plan?  No problem.
Flex Pay -

4 installments of $275
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