I specialize in helping people just like you overcome the obstacles keeping them from accomplishing their goals and dreams.

Some of those individuals have gone on to start businesses. Others have received degreesdiscovered their purpose, defeated fear, gotten married, and successfully raised their children.

And yet some others are simply now beyond the mental blocks that were holding them back from living well each day.

Meet Amy

Life is full of stress and challenges. It sometimes stops you from growing in your personal and professional life. In that scenario you need help and Dr. Amy Walton is there to take you out from that phase. She is providing the platform to bring your life back on track by excelling in personal and professional matters. She knows the therapies to rebuild your shattered confidence and increase positivity from the inside. She believes in the strength of the woman and encourages all females to shine in their fields by fighting all the hurdles and obstacles with courage.




Dr Amy Walton 193 Virso Road Meherrin, VA 23954

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