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Signature Program

If you are anything like me

You grew up with these thoughts about money.

It’s like there.






But now, it’s just not adding up…

You were taught to be nice and kind and to help others, but most of the time, you don’t even have enough for yourself let alone anyone else! You don’t know how to get ahead financially and feel like the credit card debit is piling up and there is no end in sight. You still haven’t paid off your student loans and you wonder if you ever will (I mean how do you even go about paying back ($100,000) and still having a life in the process.

You see other people crushing it financially, hitting 6-figures, and beyond, taking lavish vacations, and being able to send their children to the college of their choice- and sometimes you question why not me? You wish you could buy fancy clothes, take trips with your spouse, and have a little extra (actually a lot) in the bank for those big dreams that keep getting pushed further and further away.

If this sounds like you…

If your money situation isn’t what you want it to be, did you know you have the power to change it?

You can change that – starting today! You no longer have to feel burnt-out and broke because you’ve been believing that you had to work hard for your money.

Now is the time to master your mindset and leave the scarcity mentality behind.

Would you like to have money in the bank to fund your dream, to create financial freedom and to surpass your income goal month after month?

This, and so much more, is all possible for you!

 Class begins on November 17, 2019 

Master Your Money Mindset is for you if…
  • You are a career woman, ministry leader, coach, an expert, a speaker or services-based business owner

  • You desire to make more money and have a greater impact

  • You’re ready to take back control of your time and create more freedom in your life

  • You’d like to upgrade the type of clients you work with

  • You’re ready to see fast results and more money in your bank account

  • You desire to work smarter not harder

What’s Included?

4 Live Webinars Taught by Dr Amy

  • Each webinar consists of 60-75 minutes of content along with Q & A.

1 Private Coaching Call with Dr Amy

  • (1) 60-Minute Coaching Call.

Course Materials

  • Your weekly program materials – PDFs and worksheets – will be emailed before the session so you can have access to the materials during the call.

Pay In Full $177
Yes, I want in
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 Flex Pay -
2 installments of $99

What people are saying about Dr Amy, Her Coaching & Her Work!

This is a powerful program for women who want to be free from financial scarcity mindset.


~ Yolanda Gray - Take Back Your Life

Now, here’s what I know:

Partaking of luscious bits of wisdom is a total waste of time if you never apply what you learn. This is why I encourage you – no, I challenge you to do two things:

  • Take action every single week.

  • Silence that internal voice that says, “Money is the root of all evil.” (You see, money is good. Greed and selfishness is what leads man to do evil things with or for money.)

Do these things and you’re virtually guaranteed to get a ROI (return on investment) in the Program.

Just imagine:

Waking up every single day with loads of cash in your bank account.

Knowing exactly what you want now and how to turn your talents into dollars.

This is where you’ll be after enrolling in the Master Your Money Mindset and diving into the 4 highly practical, yet short and sweet lessons on shifting your money mindset from scarcity to abundance. And while you’re at it, take full advantage of the level-up Money Fast Action tasks designed to keep money consistently flowing into your pockets.

Module 1 - What Do You Want?

You will:

• Get crystal clear on what you really want and how money fits into the picture 
• Learn how to stop denying your purpose .
• Design your own money blueprint 

Module 2 - Uncover Your Money Story

You will:

• Uncover your limiting thoughts and beliefs around money and where they come from.
• Understand how what you feel, think and say about money is affecting your banknotes big time.

Module 3 - Know Your Worth & Rewrite Your Money Story

You will:


• Discover the truth about your value and worth 
• Learn how to release your money fears and worries once and for all 
• Reprogram your mind with new, positive beliefs about money.
• Watch your money mindset- begin to transform

Module 4-Face Your Finances Fearlessly & Go Get Your Money Honey!

You will:


• Learn my secret (yet simple) hack for manifesting more money. Plus a super fun tool that will make this a breeze.
• Understand why you need and deserve to charge more for your gifts and feel more confident commanding higher prices
• Learn how to keep your Benjamin’s (money) for the long haul so that what we learn becomes a habit and not just a passing trend or temporary fix.

The Investment

Pay In Full $177
Yes, I want in
Need a payment plan?  No problem.
 Flex Pay -
2 installments of $99